Geeking out at the printers

Back in December Kirsty and I spent a day at the printer’s for press passing. In essence we were looking at the running sheets of an Annual Report we designed recently, checking colour intensity mainly, and that the special printing technique we had incorporated in our design, called Dual Effect, had been successful. It’s a useful, time and cost-effective process to go through as it enables corrections and modifications on the spot.

As well as checking up on our job, we were offered a tour of the facilities, with plenty of technical information on both litho (Heidelberg) and digital presses (Indigo) – as well as an ample supply of sandwiches at lunch. I may have got a little over excited as I was snapping away amongst those enormous machines, but it’s incredibly satisfying to be on site when one of our jobs is being printed, and check the quality of the output is just as intended, or better.

The result? A very neat and elegant corporate document with added interest.