Buying into a brand, big time.

In today’s world we hear a lot about the power of a brand, and what keeps you loyal to it. I will be the first person to admit I might have a slight problem with my addiction to a certain London-based fashion brand.

It all started years ago with a birthday gift, when I was bought a handbag from Paul’s Boutique: bright pink, with a casino coins keyring attached (I still have this bag – it’s a firm favourite). There and then, a dedicated love for all things PB was born…

I have since acquired enough bags to practically change them daily. Not only that, but they’ve also managed to get me hooked on their accessories (a girl’s gotta have a purse to match her bag). And why stop there when you could also get coats, jumpers, scarfs and make-up bags? My collection just keeps on growing and I feel strongly I must be one of their best customers – no doubt my credit card would agree.

For me, part of the initial draw of PB was the sheer amount of different models they stocked. On top of that, since each bag was using different cuts of fabric and had a different keyring attached, in essence, each item was unique.

Nowadays Paul’s Boutique have grown enormously from a small market stall on the Portobello Road to a proper brand with an ecommerce website, and distribution in fashionable retailers such as Topshop. Being more widely distributed inevitably makes the products less unique, but the brand has managed to retain the quirkiness and distinct colourful look I so love (disdainfully qualified as ‘garish’ by my Mum), and I carry on purchasing their products.

When a business grows, it needs to stay true to its values: in doing so, it will retain its existing customers, as well as acquire new ones. Now, excuse me as I’m off to spend my birthday voucher on the latest must-have bag on Paul’s Boutique…

My name is Kirsty, and I am a handbag addict.