Let’s get emotional

No, we aren’t about to start chanting. And there are no scented candles. Or kaftans. But we need to talk. About your brand. Not your logo (although that is all part of it), but what makes your company distinctive, relevant and welcome in your marketplace. Most of the time people believe that it is what you do, rather than how you do it, that best tells your brand story. But, in fact, it is, more often than not, the how (what we call the emotional rather than the functional brand drivers) that truly differentiate your company from the others in your sector.

So, how do you discover and use this elusive dimension to your brand? Well, first you talk, you relate your brand stories. Through these stories the true personality of the business begins to reveal itself. You start to get a feel for the passion and ambition that drives the business. Armed with this awareness it is then a question of how you articulate it creatively, how best to get it to resonate with your target audience.

Ultimately your aim is to create a more interesting, engaging awareness of your business. One that will directly add value and assist it in building substantial brand equity. That is the prize. But first, you have to get emotional.