Why we love a digital book proof…

Seeing what something ultimately looks like, having spent weeks, or even months, designing and crafting into existence is one of the most exciting parts of the design process.

Getting it right so that everyone is happy is one of the most challenging parts of this process….

That’s why we LOVE a digital book proof.

Using it as a guide to see how the design comes together once on the printed page (and not on screen) is a great way to double check your work, see things in a new light, make adjustments to things that just don’t work (page numbers too faint, rules too thin) or simply pick up on that one extra full stop sitting on page 45 which you appear to have missed in the previous rounds of proofs!!!!!

Sending out for a digital proof is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page and all expectations have been managed before we press the button on the print machine.

It allows you the time to flick through it, really look at it, get fresh eyes to cast a long lingering look… All things that allow the final product to be that much better, giving you the confidence that you’ve got it right.

(As with most things you MUST always read the small print – Digital printing will NOT be a match to the wonderful colour of LITHO printing, but that is what a scatter proof is for and that my friends is another blog for another day)