Though the road’s been rocky, it sure feels good to me!

To most sane people, coding is seen as an alienating language pulled straight out of The Matrix, and for the most part it’s hard to argue!

It genuinely is as complex and profound as it may seem at first glance, ultimately it is a cross between elegance and BRUTE perseverance! Align those.

Tags, separate those stylesheets, and admire that plugin that now works after testing it for the 99th time on Internet Explorer – oh yes it’s a charming sport alright!Coding can quickly go from being a lavishly put together website to a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ in no time.

Where a comma in the wrong place is the culprit for bringing down an entire home page! It’s time to get your hiking gear on and trek into the world of HTML to rescue your once beloved website!

For all its bells and whistles that flood the web 365 days a week, there is still much room for simplicity. But due to the sheer influx in new techniques, new technologies, new software & hardware you will always be looking for the next piece to the puzzle.

Bring on the next project!