Podcast: ‘Insight Into’ with Best&Co Partner, Georgina Landrey

Promoting your business via podcast can be an excellent way to reach new audiences, communicate your story, build authority, showcase your knowledge and expertise, and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

We’ve teamed up with Arabella Northey Audio, a managed podcast service who do all the hard work for you – from set-up and production, to editing and distribution. Additionally, if you’re interested in managing the process in-house, they can also provide full training to bring your team up to speed.

To give you a taste of the talents behind Arabella Northey Audio, this week they kindly welcomed us onto ‘Insight Into’, the podcast that peels back the layers of successful businesses to uncover the essence of their operations. In this episode, Best&Co Partner Georgina Landrey shares her experience, offering a glimpse behind the scenes with thoughts on communication trends for the financial services sector and what lies ahead in 2024.

Whether you’re keen to know more about Best&Co or exploring the intricacies of brand evolution, this short episode promises valuable insights into the intersection of finance, brand and design.

Have you considered producing your own podcast? Let’s help you unlock the power of podcasting for your business.